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Parkinson Program with The Cypress Alternative

We’re here to help when things change...

We are proud to announce that Cypress Palms has been awarded Parkinson Proficient Accreditation for Exemplary Service, Programs and Team Training by the Parkinson Foundation of the Heartland. We have been deemed a "provider of choice" for those individuals living with Parkinson Disease.

The Cypress Alternative consists of three key components:

1.   Education

Our staff is trained using a 9-module training program called The Parkinson Care Series. Each team member receives training tailored to their role in the provision of resident care in each of the following areas:

  • A basic understanding of the special challenges faced by residents with Parkinson Disease, and an understanding of the many ways one can help to improve their quality of life
  • An understanding of how and when to help a resident seek a diagnosis, and how to help prevent further deterioration in the resident’s speech through therapies
  • Learning specific strategies to help the resident achieve and maintain good nutrition
  • Learning the effects of Parkinson Disease on activities of daily living and specific strategies to help residents with Parkinson Disease lead full, active and dignified lives
  • Gaining insight into ways to enhance fall prevention and to ensure that Cypress Palms is suitable for residents with Parkinson Disease, as well as to understand the safest ways to help Parkinsonians transfer and move about their environments
  • Designing and implementing an exercise program specifically geared for residents with Parkinson diagnosis
  • Gaining a thorough working knowledge of the various medications, surgeries and alternative therapies available to treat Parkinson Disease and an understanding of the importance of carefully controlling and maintaining dosages, including the difference between generic and branded pharmaceuticals, in Parkinson treatment.

We also host quarterly educational programs featuring guest speakers from local Parkinson Disease organizations such as American Parkinson Disease Association (ADPA); area physicians specializing in Parkinson Disease and other area experts.

2.   Exercise and Wellness

At Cypress Palms, our Parkinson Outreach Program provides twice-weekly group exercise and social programs specific to Parkinsonians’ needs. The focus is on exercise techniques that establish a relationship between thought and muscle activity to help control balance and movement. Speech and language activities are also incorporated in the exercise routine to improve speech and swallowing functions. The social aspects of the program follow each exercise class and offer an opportunity for group members to share experiences and attend small forums and educational lectures.

From this program, the participants gain the ability to better cope with day-to-day stress and provide a sense of achievement and enhanced control over the challenges of life encountered by those suffering from Parkinson Disease.

In addition to the various exercises incorporated into the program, we also use Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) and Autogenic Training.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is a technique for reducing anxiety by alternately tensing and relaxing muscles. It was developed by Edmund Jacobson, an American physician, in the early 1920s. Jacobson argued that since muscle tension accompanies anxiety, one can reduce anxiety by learning how to relax the muscle tension. PMR involves both a physical and mental component.

Autogenic Training is a relaxation technique developed by Johannes Schultz, a German psychiatrist, in 1932. The technique involves the daily practice of sessions that last 15 minutes, usually in the morning, at lunch time and in the evening. During each session, the practitioner repeats a set of visualizations that induce a state of relaxation.

3.   Support

There are also monthly support group meetings at Cypress Palms. Please join our Parkinson Outreach Program so we may help you cope with day-to-day challenges and help provide a sense of achievement and control over your life.

For further information, please call Leah Einboden at 727.559.7888. We’re here to help when things change.

There is no cost to the public to participate in the Parkinson Outreach Program, however, donations to the Caregivers Support Network, a 501(c)(3) that makes this program possible, are always welcomed.

Exercise sessions are held every Tuesday and Friday at 11 a.m. at Cypress Palms.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Parkinson Outreach Program!

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